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SafT-Tracc™ is the first American company to produce a machine-applied traction safety system for steel horseshoes. 

Our SLIP+GRIP technology gives the horse, mule, and rider a much greater safety factor on all terrains, with different grits for different applications. A better alternative to spikes and boots.  This is NOT a borium, carbide, or drill tech process - this is EVEN BETTER! Every shoe is balanced and identical!


AND our application process provides WEAR PROTECTION! With proper application and care, our shoes will last THREE TIMES or LONGER on ALL SURFACES than that of a standard horse shoe. Get more mileage for your buck! 

Our shoes have a precision, machine-applied, steel application with infused carbite crystals. 

Here's how it works:

First, meet "Sparky"...

Coordinated motion system design idea by TC and built by Mavrix Welding Automation USA.

Our ProductS

Let us show you all about it!

And here are the precision applications that Sparky applies to every horseshoe:


Shoes can be shaped hot or cold without losing integrity. 


*Measurements may vary within ten-thousandths of an inch. (+-.010)

Custom Designs Are Available!
We can do grit-free applications, by request. 
Customize either toe or heel.

Contact us with your ideas for a quote!


Who can use us: 

  • Parade Horses

  • Police Crowd Control

  • Park Rangers

  • Buggy Horses

  • Pulling Horses

  • Search and Rescue

  • Live Stock Sale Barns

  • Mounted Posse

  • Trail Riding Horses 

  • Dude Ranch Horses

  • Performance Horses

  • Family Riders

  • Endurance Horses

  • and more! 

Be safe in the saddle!

We got you covered in every condition!

  • Mossy River Rock

  • Hard Clay Condition

  • Mountain Trails

  • Cross Rock Canyon

  • and more! 

  • Ice

  • Concrete

  • Asphalt

  • We have 2 surface textures!


Howdy Partner, 

I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and provide you with some information about the newest innovation in horseshoe safety – the Grip-N-Slip application from SAFT-TRACC™! If you’ll give me just a moment of your time to tell you about how this process came to be, I’m am certain that you will be sold on the safety benefits of the Grip-N-Slip application. 

My name is TC, and I have spent the last 30 years as a cowman, also involved in a wide range of start-up and entrepreneur experiences! I’m confident my new Grip-N-Slip horseshoe system will take me on a good ride in the world of business.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved the Western lifestyle. I grew up in California, close to Hollywood, in the Santa Monica Mountains, which was in a very rural area. It gave me a great opportunity to meet many “Old Western” movie stars and watch the filming of movies. 

My dream of buying enough land to run a 300+ cow operation in the Sierra Nevada mountains finally came true, in Fresno Co. with 5000 acres in my control along with a high mountain lease of open grazing on 10,000 acres of the very rough country between Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. The Western Sierra mountains are a very treacherous place to be on horseback gathering cattle, with boulder breakages and dangerous surfaces for horseback traveling. It was during that time that I started looking at all available options to give my horses – and their shoes – the safest traction possible for riding. 

My wife and I now reside in Tennessee and found that this area is very much like the West as far as the terrain for traveling by horseback. In February of 2019, I started refining a concept that would allow for the utmost safety in traction, regardless of the terrain. I wanted a system that could be reliably duplicated and that would allow for the best possible riding experience in all circumstances and settings (ie: performance riding, trail riding, ranching, and farming  – just to name a few). 

This is not a boot or a spike-driven application, or a borium, carbide, or drill-tech process. Our "all-terrain" process for steel horseshoes makes them distinguished from all others. "Buy 'em and try em". The application for the horseshoe is the same standard as you and your farriers would employ. The shoe can be shaped hot or cold since the integrity of the Grip-N-Slip process will not be compromised. We at Saft-Tracc™ welcome all questions from horse owners and farriers by calling or sending us an e-mail. 

So let's cowboy up & Ride The Brand With Us!






(931) 300-3216


Good fOr All Terrains and conditions

Our Process

Where our shoes excel:

  • Our highly repeatable welding process makes each shoe extremely consistent from weld to weld.  Consistent height means superior balance, level footing and stops side to side rocking.

  • Our surface contact of the SafT-Tracc has 60% of the applied material gripping the ground surfaces.

  • With our new orthopedic process, we can create build-ups on the bottom of the shoe for corrective shoeing and the shoes will last for many showings.

  • With our new grip- slip technology it's possible our shoes can last 3 to 7 shoeings.

  • Our application process provides WEAR PROTECTION! With proper application and care, our shoes will last THREE TIMES or LONGER on ALL SURFACES than that of a standard horse shoe. Get more mileage for your buck!



2 Surface


horseshoe 1.png


Lifetime Unconditional 

SafT-Tracc is offering a REAL lifetime unconditional guarantee on our patent-pending process of applying a grip & slip application for traction to the bottom of the horseshoe, against any defects that may cause the applied material from coming loose or delaminating. If the shoe delaminates for any reason please send the shoe to us and within 3 days we will make a decision and notice you of our findings.  If failure is the answer,  we will send you free of charge and pay to ship a new pair (2) and pay all cost to reshoe the horse.   My word on this.

                                                                                                             -  TC 


If horses have a tendency to step on themselves, these shoes could cause some damage to the hoof. Pawing horses could cause damage to trailer floor mats.
     Kicking horses could create wounds or skin lacerations with our shoes.

A Little Horseshoe History

Part of the Lendbreen ice patch melted back considerably in 2018. A survey of the newly exposed terrain was done, and all the melted-out artifacts and bones were collected. Among the artifacts recovered was this impressive and beautifully preserved horseshoe, dated to the 11th - mid-13th century AD.



We welcome your comments, suggestions and custom designs!

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